About - Dennis Landis

Dennis Michael Doyle Landis

I had an unusual path to photography.  As a senior in college, I learned the biological research tool of electron microscopy.  The electron microscope was an immensely complicated, expensive camera that recorded images on sheet film or plates.  As I learned to develop the plates, and to print the images, it became evident that the same tools were used in ordinary 35mm photography.  So, I bought a Pentax Spotmatic, learned to develop 35mm film, and learned to see the world in a different way.

While in medical school, in training, and during my time as a faculty member, I had time to take pictures, and perhaps to develop film, but not to print.  Film was cut into strips and stored in glassine, and precious slides remained in boxes.

Seniority and retirement coincided with the development of digital photography.  I can now do much more on a computer than I could manage in a sophisticated darkroom.  Now, I have the time to enjoy the images as well as the instant of capturing them.